The first two were packaging projects done at Butz Gaskins, Inc. The gourmet spice rubs and party dips

were a freelance project.


How many people can say they have designed a line of horse feed bags? Seriously? Horse feed? I did not know that horse feed existed before this project. I thought they ate grass for goodness sake. A trip to the Tractor Supply Store and my education began. I have one of the actual bags, it is GIGANTIC.

I designed a line of 14 snack cans for Trophy Nut Company/Girl Scouts. I loved getting to design and then

actually illustrate the different patterns for all of the backgrounds.

I designed a line of 12 tins for a company called Lee’s Hot Mustard. I had already designed a logo for them previously. They were looking to expand their business and created 8 gourmet spice rubs (which have the green lids)  and 4 party dip mixes (which have the red lids). They wanted a more upscale look for this line of products which they marketed to specialty food stores, delis, and butcher shops. The tins have a silver matte finish that the labels are wrapped around. I recently saw them on the shelf at Jungle Jim’s and tried to take a photo of them with my phone. It turned out almost as bad as this one from their website...